Logo Quiz Answers: Review and Answers for All Levels

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Logo Quiz by JINFRA is certainly a great app to pass time. Figuring out the answers to the items can really be fun especially if you recognize them but can’t really remember what they are. Of course, clues will be provided (in exchange of your available hints) to help you move on to the next level.

main-picTo be able to unlock the higher levels, it would require users to correctly answer a certain number of items per level. For example, to unlock Level 2, you would need to answer 8 items correctly. And then, you must correctly answer 16 items to proceed to Level 3.

Reactions to the Updates

Logo Quiz actually didn’t originally start out as Logo Quiz Ninja. In fact, it was just revamped and redesigned together with the latest update of the game. Of course, the main objective of this “change” is to make the game more fun to play, but unfortunately people had mixed reactions on it.

Many would say that the game is still as addicting as ever. They also like the concept of the ninja adventure, the conversations with Sensei, and the trivia and fun facts about the logos. However, this is also what others don’t like about the new update. For them, the old version was a lot better because it allowed them to play against their friends. Also, the streaks and the categories portions were removed and many were upset about it. This is because these aspects were the ones that set Logo Quiz by JINFRA apart from all the other logo guessing games out there.


Although the update claims to have fixed some crash issues from the previous versions, some people still experience crashes and resets. Because of this, many lose whatever progress they have made with the game which is certainly a huge source of frustration.

No More Multiple Choice

While the old version provided multiple choices to help users figure out the correct answer, the Logo Quiz Ninja no longer has this option. The multiple choice aspect was one of the reasons why many loved Logo Quiz, but they simply found themselves disappointed with the update.


Many would say that the graphics on the updated version is definitely way better than the graphics in the original. However, even if the design has actually improved, it wouldn’t really amount to anything if the users aren’t fans of the gameplay anymore.


If you have no clue about a particular item, you can click the “Ask Sensei” button and he will reveal some of the letters of the right answer. If that is still not enough, you can use your “5 hints” to work your way through it. However, if you don’t want to use up your hints, you can search for the correct answers on the web. The answers are usually arranged by level since the items are no longer arranged by category.

“Bring Back the Old Version!”

The old version was overall a lot better than the current Logo Quiz Ninja version according to a majority of users. This is because there are so many distractions that came with the game in the form of endless conversations between Ninja Dai and Sensei, question after question. There are also too many ads and no one will be willing to pay an extra amount just to have them removed.

Basically, many users liked the old version because it was simply different from all the other logo games around. In addition, all the points they have accumulated before the upgrade all went down the drain, which is certainly a huge disappointment. Before, users could also play the game according to categories, but now it’s all gone.


If you have the old Logo Quiz installed, it is recommended not to install the 4.2 update if you don’t want to lose your streak, your progress, and all the other aspects that you love about the game.